Health & Wellness Plan

Parkersburg Catholic High School Wellness Policy

Section 1: Policy

  1. Purpose: Parkersburg Catholic High School recognizes a student’s need for access to healthful foods and opportunities to be physically active in order to grow, learn, and thrive, and the impact good maintained health has on a student’s attendance and education. Thus, Parkersburg Catholic High School is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating, physical activity and wellness education.

Section 2: Regulatory Requirements:

Federal Public Law PL 108.265 Section 204 – Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004

West Virginia State Code §18-2-7a – Legislative Findings; Required Physical Education; Program in Physical Fitness

West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2510 – Assuring the Quality of Education: Regulations for Education Programs

21st Century Health Education 5-12 Content Standards for West Virginia Schools (WV BOE Policy 2520.5)

21st Century Physical Education 5-12 Content Standards for West Virginia Schools (WV BOE Policy 2520.6)

West Virginia Board of Education Policy 4321.1 – Standards for School Nutrition

West Virginia Board of Education Procedural Rule Title 125 Series 85 – Policies of Operation Child Nutrition Programs (4320)

Section 3: Outline in support of policy

  1. The school will form a local wellness committee comprised of students, parents, teachers, principals, food service professionals, health professionals, Board members, and other interested community members to develop, implement, monitor, and review district-wide nutrition and physical activity policies.
    1. The committee will meet quarterly and report compliance and progress to the principal.
    2. The head of the committee will be the physical education instructor and will present the compliance and progress reports to the principal.
  2. All students at Parkersburg Catholic High School will have opportunities, support, and encouragement to be physically active on a regular basis beyond the minimum school requirements.
  3. Foods and beverages served during the school day will meet the nutrition standards in the West Virginia Board of Education Policy 4321.1 and in addition Parkersburg Catholic High School will not allow students to be in possession of soft drinks during school learning hours in any classroom, gym, and media center or computer lab. School learning hours is defined as any time between the beginning of an instructional period and the end of an instructional period.
  4. Qualified child nutrition professionals will provide students with access to a variety of affordable, nutritious, and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students and will provide clean, safe, and pleasant settings and adequate time for students to eat.
  5. Parkersburg Catholic will participate in the National School Lunch Program that applies to the student population and will keep records of the number of students who eat school lunch and who do not eat school lunch.
  6. Parkersburg Catholic will provide nutrition education and physical education to foster lifelong habits of healthy eating and physical activity, and will establish linkages between health education and school meal programs, and with related community services.
  7. Information for each school year will be provided to each parent and student in the form of a student handbook (Action Plan included) so they may review the plans that are in motion for providing a nutritional, educational, and physically fit environment for every student.

Parkersburg Catholic Wellness Action Plan

  • Encourage students to participate in daily physical activity
  • Encourage students to participate in one or more of the team sports offered at the interscholastic level of competition at PCHS: football, basketball, soccer, golf, volleyball, softball, baseball, track, cross country, tennis, & cheerleading
  • Students participate in physical education classes in the 10th and 11th grades or students may participate in varsity sports for two years.
  • Encourage students to participate in summer league competition or any summer competition
  • Encourage teachers and staff to use the gym and fitness room for exercise
  • Establishing Nutritional Standards for All
  • Water will be readily available through drinking fountains and or vending
  • Food safety practices will meet state requirements
  • Food service offered at PCHS will meet dietary guidelines and nutritional standards established by the USDA
  • Setting goals for other School-Based Activities Designed to Promote Student
  • Dining will be a clean, safe, and enjoyable meal environment for students and staff
  • PCHS will encourage students to participate in school meals by posting weekly menus
  • PCHS will ensure adequate time for students to enjoy eating with their classmates
  • PCHS will encourage all students to participate in school meals by providing necessary information for free and reduced-price meals to qualifying school families