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Academic Boosters
The purpose of the Academic Boosters (PCAB) is to develop communication among the students, staff, parents, and community and to promote academic programs at PCHS. All parents are encouraged to join and assist with the projects of Academic Boosters. Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month as announced. All are welcome to attend.

Parkersburg Catholic Athletic Association
Parkersburg Catholic Athletic Association (PCAA) is a group of parents and friends dedicated and working toward the mission and goals of PCHS by providing a quality athletic program within a spiritual setting that reflects the ultimate Christian athlete. Recognizing that sports are an integral part of the entire student, the primary purpose of the organization is to raise funds, provide manpower, and assist the administration in operating the athletic program on a business-like basis as defined in the PCAA by-laws. PCAA meets on the second Monday of every month in the school Cafeteria. All are welcome to attend.

Goals of the Parkersburg Catholic Athletic Association:

  1. Spiritual: work to instill the virtues and morals of Christian teaching in all aspects of our athletic program.
  2. Community: create an atmosphere that reaches out to educate all members of the PCHS family concerning the benefits of being active in the educational process of the children.
  3. Organizational: provide sufficient elected officers and volunteers to operate athletic programs in support of administration and coaches and to provide relaxed spiritual and social occasions for members and their families to celebrate accomplishments as an organization.
  4. Financial: ensure the opportunity for all athletes to participate in those sports provided by the school and supported by the association.

PCHS is attempting to upgrade computers in the school. If you have functioning computers which are less than four years old which you wish to donate, please contact the school.

•ALUMNI – Skip Roedersheimer – pcsf@pchs1.com
•ADVANCEMENT DIRECTOR – Skip Roedersheimer – pcsf@pchs1.com