President Job Description

6 Dec

Parkersburg Catholic Schools President
Job Description
Job Description
The President of Parkersburg Catholic Schools will serve as the Chief Mission, Advancement, and Executive Officer. The President will be a proven and visionary leader who partners with school administration, faculty and staff, parents and students, local parishes and priests, and the local community to advance the mission of Parkersburg Catholic Schools. The President provides spiritual and educational leadership and builds a collaborative environment, unifying the school system and perpetuating the spirit of “two campuses, one school.” By communicating the vision and mission of the school clearly and enthusiastically, by delegating responsibility and authority appropriately to others and calling them to accountability, and particularly through prudent strategic planning and decision making, the President works with all members of the school community in achieve excellence in carrying out the mission of Parkersburg Catholic Schools.
• Practicing Catholic
• Committed to Catholic education and the core values of Parkersburg Catholic Schools
• Proven and visionary leader
• Ability to create a collaborative, inclusive environment
• Experience with developing and monitoring budgets
• Experience with fundraising, and/or marketing preferred
• Master’s degree preferred or related work experience with financial management, fundraising, nonprofit management, and/or educational leadership.
• Designated pastor/s.
Chief Mission Officer
1. Catholic Identity
• Serves as chief articulator of Parkersburg Catholic Schools’ philosophy and mission.
• Promotes the building of a community of faith among the administration, faculty and staff.
• Interprets the philosophy, programs and policies of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston with the schools’ administration team.
2. School System Unification
• Unifies the schools’ elementary and high school into one school system, implementing policies and procedures for consistent and collaborative planning, communication, marketing, advancement and fundraising, and financial and facilities management.
3. Vision and Planning
• Develops and oversees implementation of a vision and strategic plan for Parkersburg Catholic Schools.
• Directs and oversees all strategic planning initiatives pertaining to overall operation of the school, as well as finances associated with campus and facility development and/or utilization.
Chief Advancement Officer
1. Advancement
• Demonstrates a clear understanding of a comprehensive advancement model and communicates and promotes the model to the advisory board, local parish leadership, constituents, stakeholders and faculty/staff.
• Remains dedicated to “advancing the mission of Parkersburg Catholic Schools” with the majority of his/her time focused on generating significant philanthropic support and reaching “optimal enrollment.”
• Prepares and oversees an Annual Advancement Plan including the development and monitoring of specific advancement and fundraising goals and objectives.
• Leads the Identification, cultivation, and solicitation of potential donors, including alumni, parents/grandparents, community members, parishes, foundations, corporations, etc. to seek financial support for the school.
• Insures that effective advancement team members are hired and retained to insure the effective and efficient operation of a results oriented comprehensive (strategy/operations and revenue) advancement program.
• Collaborates and serves as the school’s liaison to the Parkersburg Catholic Schools Foundation.
• Acts as liaison between diocese, parishes, community and general public constituencies.
2. Marketing
• Develops and oversees implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan and branding strategy for the system.
• Directs organizational and program changes needed to deliver promises made by the branding strategy to families, students, patrons, and the like.
• Serves as the chief spokesperson for the school and helps to project a positive image of the school to the public.
• Represents the school to the public at important events in the lives of students, parents, alumni, and benefactors.
Chief Executive Officer
1. Finances
• Reviews and approves the annual budget and periodic reports on the status of the budget.
• Oversees the general maintenance and long-term security of school properties — including all major improvements to the campuses and facilities.
• Upon recommendation of the principals, approves distribution of financial aid.
• Approves business contracts with third parties.
• Approves major capital and/or unbudgeted expenses.
2. Personnel
• Hires and evaluates all finance, advancement, enrollment management.
• Plans and conducts regularly scheduled administrative team meetings.
3. Enrollment Management
• Develops and oversees implementation of an enrollment management program for both school campuses. Which should include recruitment AND retention strategies.
• Sets and monitors enrollment goals.
• Sets annual tuition rates
4. Consultative Leadership
• Serves as ex-officio member of the School Advisory Board and Advisory Board Committees.
• Works in consultative fashion with the School Advisory Board relating to the operation of the school.
• Evaluates consultative advice received from the School Advisory Board in regard to policy formation, finances, advancement, projects, strategic planning and general operation of the school.
• Works in consultative fashion with area Pastors relating to Parish support and representation on the School Advisory Board.
• Works in a consultative fashion with other groups or committees that the President chooses to organize.